HEC Paris Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - "Impact Programs" Division
At the heart of HEC Paris lies the "Impact Programs" division, dedicated to the nurturing of social and ecological entrepreneurship. Their ambition is to promote inclusion, support SMEs, and manage both economic and social impacts.
They offer short, pinpointed programs designed to bolster entrepreneurial skills. Notably, they pride themselves on their flagship Stand Up program and the ESS accelerator.
HEC IEC unique value prop
HEC IEC unique value prop


📖 Crossroads with Manon at Join Maestro A year ago, during the 12th cohort of Join Maestro's PM bootcamp, fate had me cross paths with Manon. Even from her questions during my session as a trainer, it was clear she stood out. Our exchanges went beyond the typical student-trainer dynamic, diving deep into the realm of Product Management.
Three months following that, Manon approached me with an exciting opportunity - to assist her in her new role as Lead Product Builder for HEC IEC. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. What followed were nine exhilarating months, filled with passionate debates, brainstorming sessions, and moments of constructive disagreement that shaped our journey 🌟.
Manon, Product Builder at HEC IEC
Manon, Product Builder at HEC IEC

Job role

🔍 Support as a part-time Head Of Product for Manon
Product vision:
  • 🎯 Crafting a lucid vision, aligning with the company's mission
  • 🚀 Devising impactful strategies to achieve product objectives
Operational support:
  • 📑 Streamlining and documenting processes to boost efficiency
  • 🧠 Undertaking meticulous reviews and tests to assure unparalleled quality
Stakeholder management:
  • 👥 Steering stakeholder management, ensuring efficient coordination
  • 🤖 Orchestrating external service providers covering No-Code to Product areas, including sourcing, selection, and framing of assignments
Product monitoring:
  • 🔍 Setting clear objectives aligned with broader business goals
  • 📊 Vigilantly monitoring relevant KPIs to track and improve performance
Manon’s dashboard for our collaboration
Manon’s dashboard for our collaboration


In the clients words

👩🏻 Manon, Product Builder “Philippe accompanied me as external Head Of Product. His support enabled us to put the main methodologies into practice: from a strategic point of view (prioritization of topics and functionalities, definition of KPIs and roadmap. He very quickly understood our context, identified our needs, adapted his approach and proposed a methodology that suited us.”“Philippe understood our problems straight away and was able to offer us a tailor-made service. Thank you, Philippe!”


Key takeways and learnings

💡 Lessons from the Journey
  • Stakeholder dynamics: Navigating the intricate landscape of stakeholder management in an academic setting was challenging. Yet, open communication and transparency paved the way.
  • Adaptive strategy: In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, agility is key. Adapting and refining strategies based on real-time data was instrumental in our success.
  • The Value of collaboration: The partnership with Manon reemphasized the importance of collaboration. Two minds, especially when they occasionally disagree, can produce richer, more effective outcomes.
Canvas for co-product sessions with Manon
Canvas for co-product sessions with Manon

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