Hi, I’m Philippe, your strategic product partner

Hi, I’m Philippe, your strategic product partner

With rich expertise in nurturing early-stage startups and fostering fast-paced growth environments. Let's explore new horizons of user-centric products together, backed by +10 years of immersion in the education 💻, online payments 💳, and sports industries ⚽️
📦 My services:
⚡️ Define your vision: product strategy
⚙️ Idea to launch: discovery and delivery
🫱🏻‍🫲🏽 Boost your team: coaching and training
🧪 Start strong: craft your MVP

🌟 Client case studies:

A glimpse into our collaborative journeys

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Revolutionizing soccer training with data-driven technology

Footbar, a trailblazer in the sports-tech arena, employs sophisticated analytics to enhance soccer training.
I immersed myself as a part-time Product Strategist, being the nexus between the board and the product teams, refining visions and laying out tactical blueprint.
Accomplishments ⚡️
  • Formulated and validated a quarter-wise OKR strategy.
  • Implemented a robust product stack including Notion, Miro, and Google Sheets.
  • Facilitated recruitment advice and peer reviews on product and design facets.
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Uplifting Senegalese entrepreneurs through social E-Commerce

Niokobok stands as a beacon for the Senegalese diaspora, providing a dedicated e-commerce platform for the purchase of products.
My role spanned assisting the teams in sculpting a mobile application MVP for a new market sector, utilizing product-design sprints and collaborating closely with a designer counterpart.
Accomplishments ⚡️
  • Crafted and solidified product positioning and vision using lean canvas and pitch elevator tools.
  • Conducted comprehensive user and market data analysis, including remote user interviews based in Dakar.
  • Contributed to the creation of high-fidelity landing page mock-ups and UX writing for a compelling value proposition.
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🎙️In the clients words


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Impact Programs of HEC Paris, focused on social entrepreneurship

👩🏻 Manon, Product Builder
Philippe accompanied me as external Head Of Product. His support enabled us to put the main methodologies into practice: from a strategic point of view (prioritization of topics and functionalities, definition of KPIs and roadmap. He very quickly understood our context, identified our needs, adapted his approach and proposed a methodology that suited us.”
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LaFabriqueByCA |

The startup studio of the Crédit Agricole Group, crafting a new product

👨🏻‍🦲 Pierre-Marie, CPO
"Philippe stands as the quintessential choice for demanding product design projects, merging business acumen and product expertise with a structured, strategic approach."
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JoinMaestro |

7 weeks bootcamp aiming to train the best product managers

👥 Students feedback
Average score: 4.6/5
“Excellent pedagogy, lots of rhythm that encourages you to follow. Very detailed and personalized content” “Hyper-rich, likewise very honest and intelligent person, no worries about speaking out”

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