The company

Footbar is a groundbreaking company utilizing technology to enhance how football players are assessed. Through an innovative sensor placed at the back of the player's calf, Footbar is capable of analyzing and transmitting raw data to a mobile application. By merging cutting-edge sensors and video feeds, Footbar is teaching an algorithm football, analyzing hundreds of matches every week.
Footbar unique value proposition
Footbar unique value proposition


My journey with Footbar began during my tenure at E-Cotiz, a startup incubated at Le Tremplin, the Paris City Hall's sports startup incubator. This is where I first met Loic and Sylvain, the visionary founders of Footbar. Recognizing the potential synergies, they reached out to me for guidance on the product aspect of their venture.
Initially, our collaboration was sporadic, consisting mainly of intermittent office hours. However, it soon blossomed into a more substantial freelance collaboration, with a clear need to structure the product vision to facilitate fundraising and forge promising commercial partnerships.
Upon stepping in, it was apparent that a substantial amount of groundwork was required. Not only did the product delivery need assurances, but there was also an imperative to craft a well-defined product vision that would pave the way for fruitful partnerships and fundraising opportunities
The initial phase was somewhat hampered due to a lack of consensus on the vision, which stymied the progression of feature prioritization. However, concerted efforts with the board helped foster alignment, ushering in a period of substantial growth and development
To bolster our operations, we expanded our teams, bringing on board a freelance product manager and designer. This was complemented by intensive user research tactics, encompassing interviews, surveys, and field tests, which fortified our understanding and approach
As I transition from my role at Footbar, I leave behind a well-equipped and ready-to-act team, on the cusp of launching a new product that holds the promise of redefining the football landscape.
Team building with the product-operations teams
Team building with the product-operations teams

Job role

In my role as a part-time Product Strategist/Lead PM, I worked closely with both the board and the product teams, spearheading strategies and facilitating a cohesive product vision. I was pivotal in streamlining the recruitment process for product roles and implementing innovative product processes.
With the board:
  • Flattening Vision, Strategies, and Tactics 📊
  • Defining OKRs Quarterly 🎯
  • Recruitment Advisory on Product Roles 💼
  • Product Roadmap Validation 🗺️
With the Product Team:
  • Peer Review on Product and Design Topics 👥
  • Implementation of Incremental Product Processes 🔧
  • Setting up a Product Stack (Notion, Miro, Google Sheets) 🛠️
  • Test and Learn Tactics Based on Hypotheses 🧪
  • Implementing a Multi-Channel User Research Strategy 📡

In the clients words

🧑🏻 Loïc, CPO ”Philippe is a brilliant product specialist, he masters the methodology to help us make decisions, he also knows how to be a fine pedagogue to popularize techniques that can escape us, and finally he adapts perfectly to our organization so that everyone can take ownership of the roadmap.”

Key takeways and learnings


Realizing the key to velocity 🚀

At first, our path seemed strewn with obstacles - divergent visions pulling at the seams of our fabric. The founders, Loic and Sylvain, and I grappled with the tangles of misalignment. But, as we ventured deeper, we realized the golden key that could unlock our true potential - alignment
  • Understanding the complexity 🧩: We navigated through the intricacies, understanding the divergent perspectives that seemed to slow our progress.
  • The Turning point 🔄: A conscious shift in approach, fostering dialogue, and nurturing a cohesive vision.
  • Embracing unity 🤝: Gradually, we united our forces, forging a shared vision that promised to steer us towards uncharted territories.
notion image

The Dawn of user discovery 🌅

Our newfound unity sparked the genesis of a strategy embedded in user discovery. With shared roles and a common goal, we embarked on a fast-paced journey, where insights unfolded at every turn.
  • Swift strategy implementation 🏃‍♂️💨: initiated a user discovery strategy at a remarkable pace, thanks to the unified support from the teams.
  • Role sharing and collaboration 🔄🤲: we fostered a culture of collaboration, sharing roles and responsibilities in the product team.
  • Gleaning insights 🔍: through the strategy, we unveiled deeper layers of user needs, lighting our path with invaluable insights.
A/B testing smoke tests
A/B testing smoke tests

The Essence of simplicity 🌾

As we approached the pinnacle, the launch of a new product, a profound realization dawned upon us. The true essence of a successful launch lay not in complexity but in resonating deeply with the user's needs.
  • User-Centric Approach 💖: our focus shifted towards creating a product that echoed the genuine needs of the users, steering clear of unnecessary complexities.
  • Value Alignment ⚖️: we ensured that the value proposition of the new offering was finely aligned with the user needs, promising a harmonious synchronization.
  • Simplicity as the keynote 🗝️: In our journey, we embraced the elegance of simplicity, creating a product that promised to connect at a fundamental level with the users.
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