A passionate team committed to developing the most straightforward and effective ATS/recruitment CRM, specifically tailored for hunters and sourcers.
Huntool is on a mission to redefine and simplify recruitment processes, aiming for the zenith of efficiency 🚀.
Huntool unique value proposition
Huntool unique value proposition


📖 The First Encounter: Through mutual acquaintances in the product realm, I had the pleasure of meeting Axel and Pierre-Olivier. Our initial conversation sparked mutual interest, laying the foundation for a promising partnership.
Driven by common objectives and a shared vision, we decided to join forces and address the challenges faced by their product operations.

Job role

🔧 Operational Refinement:
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Conducted a comprehensive audit of internal product processes.
  • 📋 Transitioned from Trello to Notion for a more streamlined product management experience.
  • 🛤 Defined a quarterly roadmap based on clear objectives.
  • ❗ Prioritized essential functionalities using the ICE method.
  • 🎤 Strategized the enhancement of user feedback to better align with the roadmap.


In the clients words

🧑🏻 Pierre-Olivier, CEO “Philippe understood our problems straight away and was able to offer us a tailor-made service. Thank you, Philippe!”


Key takeways and learnings

🔍 Lessons Learned:
  • 🤝 Collaboration is the cornerstone of any successful endeavor. Open communication and mutual respect foster progress.
  • 🛠 Tools matter. The right tool can not only improve efficiency but also provide clarity and direction.
  • 🎯 Clear objectives lead to clear outcomes. Prioritizing tasks effectively is crucial for tangible results.
Notion template created for product operations
Notion template created for product operations

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